Medical Evacuations (Medevacs)

Emergency phone numbers:

+235 6019 5897 (Flight Bookings)
+235 6004 6620  (Operations Manager)

When timing is critical and travelling by road is not an option, MAF is able to provide transport by air from isolated areas of Chad to the capital N’Djamena. Bringing the sick or injured to N’Djamena offers patients the best possible medical attention and means to recover. Between our two aircraft we are able to take passengers who are able to sit and also those requiring a stretcher. When the situation requires the patient to be laid down, we will provide a specially adapted stretcher to fit to our aircraft floor.

For medevacs you are required to provide medical personnel to travel with the sick or injured person where possible. If this is not possible, then another responsible person who can travel in the aircraft with the passenger and assist if necessary is required. We may be able to help with providing medical personnel, but as they would be a volunteer we cannot guarantee their availability.

Arranging an ambulance is the responsibility of the person requesting the medevac, as this is the easiest way to ensure the ambulance crew get as much accurate information as possible in advance. However, if you are unable to arrange an ambulance, we will do our best to assist you with the arrangements.